We work with a wide range of people and organizations to advance biodiversity informatics

Catalogue of Life

The SFG supports the Editorship, development, curation of the Catalogue of Life


Natural History Collections

Curating, or delivering data from tools hosted by the SFG

Workbench based

Workbenches developed and hosted by the SFG have sparked many collaborations

Species Files

Taxon-centric projects using the original Species Files Software


Projects using the 3i, a precursor to TaxonWorks


A range of projects remain actively curated in mx, another precursor to TaxonWorks


Collaborations with anonymous users, see data


General projects with/out a web presence


Labs using SFG infrastructure in return guiding us with feedback and direction


Projects once collaborated on by the SFG, no longer maintained but of historical interest

Funding from the Species File Group

Collaboration has been aided by awards from the SFG that advance biodiversity informatics

Current opportunities

Past opportunities

The SFG has offered support in the past in the following ways: