An overview of the Species File Group


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The Species File Group was founded by David Eaded, retired.

Core team

Species File Group members funded in part or whole


Core team members now retired

  • David Eades
  • Beth Frank
  • Marilyn Beckman
  • Jim Tucker
  • Mike Maehr

Organization structure

Nested in the Illinois Natural History Survey in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, part of the Prarie Research Institute, the Species File Group has core members and collaborators around the world.


While the group has now has a diverse background some of the its earliest history is in the context of the Orthoptera Species File. Read more here. Much more remains to be written.



The SFG is funded by an endowment to the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana. The endowment provides a relatively rare environment within the field of biodiversity informatics, i.e. fixed funding for long term research and development.


Additional funding has come from grants to PIs of the Core team

  • DeWalt, Dmitriev, Yoder - NSF CSBR
  • Yoder - NFS ABI
  • Dmitriev - NSF GoLife
  • Mozzherin - NSF ABI
  • Mozzherin, Yoder - Hathi Trust

The Orthopterist Society

The Species File Group is a Core funder of The Orthopterist's Society


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