The Species File Group has numerous sandboxes for testing and training purposes. Their role is described here. Sandboxes are online (web accessible).

Note that with a few simple commands you can run TaxonWorks offline for development and testing purposes.


Getting started

Your username is your email. You will need to request a password change to logon. Check your email after you do for instructions on updating your password.

Remember, some aspects of what you see are in early development in terms of the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Features in sandboxes may not make it to production.

You may be flagged as an administrator. Administrators can do everything in the workbench. If you are flagged as an administrator (“Adminstration” link visible on top right): * Feel free to add users to the sandbox through the “administrator” link. If you do, please provide them a link to this page. * Feel free to add yourself to projects that are currently not visible to you: "Administration" (top right) -> "Projects overview" (on left) -> "List" -> Double click a row -> "Add project member"


Image records are not wiped during software updates, by image files are. In other words don’t depend on seeing your images for very long in a sandbox.

Unable to logon