Welcome to Propodeum, a blog from the Species File Group and collaborators

20 Jan 2022 - Matt Yoder, Deborah Paul

We’ve long discussed a place to post writings from the Species File Group (SFG), here it is. We realize it takes time to make this type of thing work, we’ll take it slow, and see how it goes. We’ll announce new posts on Twitter at @sppfilegroup.

The scope might include (but is not limited to): * Informal musing on the nature of biodiveristy informatics * Guest posts on the same * Links (ping us!) to blog or podcast postings you/we think others will find interesting * Updates from events such as TaxonWorks Together * Occasional news on SFG projects

You might be asking, “why propodeum”!? The term references a bit of anatomy found in some groups of Hymenopterans (the bees, wasps and ants). It turns out that as historically used the term is a homonym, that is, it is used to refer to a structure that from the outside looks similar across species, but upon closer examination, is not. The spirit of this blog is to emulate the process that leads to the (ongoing) understanding of the nature of the “propodeum”, to write about things in an effort to tease out an understanding of their nature and diversity. Furthermore it sounds like “pro” (expressing in a positive manner) “podium” (stage), a nice place to speak from, yes, we’re grasping. It also sounds kind of cool.