TaxonWorks Together 2021, it's about community

2022-02-01 11:30:00 -0600 by Deborah Paul, Matt Yoder

The theme of building community framed TaxonWorks Together 2021 (TWT). Two plenary sessions, User Perspectives on TaxonWorks, and Building a Community Around Your Taxonomic Needs, provided our contributors and invited speakers a public forum to share and discuss their TaxonWorks (TW) experiences. Over 150 people registered and we had participants from countries around the globe. A common theme from users was the need for public facing pages for data in their TW databases. TaxonWorks software specifically for this purpose (i.e. purposefully separate from the database software) is now in development with a multi-year set of milestones offering specific functions being released over the next 3+ years. Please submit your ideas for the content and function of these public pages!
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Welcome to Propodeum, a blog from the Species File Group and collaborators

2022-01-20 09:30:00 -0600 by Matt Yoder, Deborah Paul

We’ve long discussed a place to post writings from the Species File Group (SFG), here it is. We realize it takes time to make this type of thing work, we’ll take it slow, and see how it goes. We’ll announce new posts on Twitter at @sppfilegroup.

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A blog with musings from the Species File Group and collaborators. Want to contribute, or a link-out? Let's talk, ping us!

Why Propodeum? See our first post.

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